Revive Adserver REST API (annual subscription)

$249.00 / year

An Annual Subscription for the Revive Adserver REST API costs US$ 249 per 12 months. Upon subscribing, licensees will immediately receive the software version that’s current at the time of purchase. In the future, when we release software updates, licensees with a current subscription will receive these updates by email.

Licensees with an annual subscription are also entitled to technical support regarding installation and configuration of the software for as long as they have a valid, paid subscription.


What is it?

Revive Adserver REST API is a RESTful API for Revive Adserver. It provides remote communication from any application to Revive Adserver using a REST architecture. REST is very light, fast and easy to use.


Revive Adserver REST API is compatible with all versions of Revive Adserver v4.1, v4.0, and v3.0, and even with all versions of OpenX Source v2.8 and higher.


A purchase of a license is valid for one domain and an unlimited number of users. If you want to use the software for more than one domain, or as a part of other applications, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will offer you a specific license for your situation.

Delivery procedure

When you purchase the Revive Adserver REST API package, you will automatically receive an e-mail containing a link to download the product. You will receive this at the email address entered on the checkout page.

You can also download the software from the My account page after you've completed your purchase.

Alternative payment method

If you prefer to pay in Euro, or if you need us to provide an invoice first: