Management functions

The Revive Adserver Rest API has functionality to manage all of the entities in the application. You can:

  • retrieve lists of entities
  • create new entities
  • retrieve an entity
  • update an existing entity
  • delete an entity

For your convenience, we’ve documented these API calls in the following categories:

Sorting 'Lst' output

Version 5.2.0 (release date to be determined) introduces the ability to sort the output of the 'list' feature by any of the available columns (in ascending or descending order), and to limit the number of rows of the output. This is supported for the List output of any of the categories.

Please see the generic Documentation for the sort order output of lists.

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Current version

The most recently released version of the Revive Adserver REST API is v5.2.0 (publication date April 18, 2024).

See Release Notes


Revive Adserver REST API is compatible with all versions of Revive Adserver v4.x, and v5.x. It may also be compatible with Revive Adserver v3.x (and also with OpenX Source v2.8 and higher), but this can not be guaranteed.

Revive Adserver REST API is compatible with all supported versions of PHP, including PHP 7 and PHP  8.

Also see Technical Requirements, Product Content, and Installation Instructions.