Time Zone Support

Starting with version 4.4.0 of the Revive Adserver REST API, it is possible to retrieve the statistics of objects relative ot the time zone preference that has been in the agency the object belongs to.


Add /1 to the end of the URL to instruct the REST API to use the time zone preference set in the agency

Implementation: URL/[object_type]/[objectId]/statistics/[breakdown_type/[start_date]/[end_date]/1

Method: GET

Json example


GET http://api.example.com/zon/11/statistics/daily/2018-10-12/2018-10-18/1

Hourly statistics vs time zone support

Hourly statistics do not support a date range, they just need a single date. For consistency, when retrieving hourly statistics for an object with the time zone setting of the corresponding agency, add a dummy end date (for example, the same as the start date), and then add the extra /1 parameter to the end of that.

Json example

GET http://api.example.com/zon/11/statistics/hourly/2018-10-12/2018-10-12/1

Current version

The most recently released version of the Revive Adserver REST API is v5.2.0 (publication date April 18, 2024).

See Release Notes


Revive Adserver REST API is compatible with all versions of Revive Adserver v4.x, and v5.x. It may also be compatible with Revive Adserver v3.x (and also with OpenX Source v2.8 and higher), but this can not be guaranteed.

Revive Adserver REST API is compatible with all supported versions of PHP, including PHP 7 and PHP  8.

Also see Technical Requirements, Product Content, and Installation Instructions.