Revive Adserver REST API v4.1 released

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Featured, News

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new version 4.1.0 of the Revive Adserver REST API.

This is primarily a bug fix release, but since there are a number of breaking changes in comparison to earlier versions, we’ve still decided to make this a point release.

Most important in this release are the fixes for bugs in the two new methods getCampaignListByZoneID and getZoneListByCampaignID introduced in the previous version v4.0. These issues were reported to us by several of our customers. We apologize for the inconvenience this must have caused, and we thank those affected by these bugs for their detailed reports and for their patience while we fixed the issues.

Full details of all changes in this new version can be found in the Release notes.

Price and Purchase

An annual subscription license
costs US$ 249 per 12 months.
A lifetime license costs US$ 599.