The team at Black River posted a review of our software, you can read it at their blog in a post simply titled “OpenX Source RESTful API Wrapper by“.

The review is very positive about the installation process, the examples and documentation, and also the speed at which our API returns results, in comparison to the standard API of OpenX Source. They do ask for some more comments inside the source code, to help with any future modifications. We’ve made a note of that and will take it into account for future releases.

They conclude by saying:

So, if you or your company is already developing any kind of 3rd party software that has to communicate with OpenX via API calls, or you are just starting out and learning the trade – this wrapper is definitely a must-have! You will save many hours of frustration and aggravation trying to get the stock API to work. When it comes to OpenX related products, this is the best money we have ever spent!

Thanks for the kind words!